About This Blogger


Sarah Wilson

Hello! My name is Sarah and I LOVE to travel!

Traveling is one of the few things that brings complete joy to my life. I love to visit new places, meet new people, discover new traditions, and try new foods! On top of that, I also love to learn- particularly about the world!

From a young age I knew that I would not be content just sitting still. I found the world fascinating! Ancient civilizations, cultural geography, world ecosystems… It all intrigued me. I can remember learning about mummies and the pyramids in school and wanting to go to Egypt. I remember watching Ferngully as a child and wanting to go to a real rain forest. I remember seeing pictures of kangaroos and koalas and wanting to go to Australia. All of these little things we see as children take us to a place of fantasy and leave a real, lasting impression in our souls. Then as we grow, we realize that we can actually turn those fantasies into reality! That’s what travel does- it brings the fantasy to life!

As I grew it seemed difficult to figure out my path in life. I went to college because I felt like I had to, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies Education (because I loved learning about the world!) I enjoyed parts of teaching, but I knew that it wasn’t for me. I tried several other paths such as a bridal consultant (involving lots of research and planning) and a bank manager (thriving in outstanding customer service.) They made me happy for a while, but my one constant thought was always ‘when’s my next vacation?’ Turns out, my path was laid in front of me the whole time, I only needed to fine-tune my compass to get started. So, applying all of my skills, I became a travel agent. Or, really, a travel specialist! Now I feel right at home, all over the world!

I decided to start this blog to share some traveling knowledge and tips with fellow adventures, as well as to document some of my own stories. I hope that it encourages new travelers, and maybe even experienced travelers, to try new things. No, I do not know it all, and don’t have near the experience I would like to have. The world is ever-changing, and I am constantly learning. I do hope, however, we can continue learning and growing together!