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Traveling brings us great joy, but it can also be quite stressful.
I am thrilled to have been able to start my own travel business,
and now my very own travel blog! My aim is to provide valuable
information and the useful tips for planning your next adventure.

My name is Sarah, and I am a private travel agent, an educator, and a world traveler. As such,
I have seen and heard it all- the good, the bad, and the unexpected. I want to use this blog as an
opportunity to take all my inside knowledge and pass it along to you- my fellow adventurers!

What I offer to you here is what I offer all of my clients: Expert assistance on creating once-in a-
lifetime experiences, a bit of education, and a deeper look into exciting destinations around the
globe! It is my hope that by sharing all of this with you, it eases the stress of planning your next
trip, and helps you turn your own adventures into cherished memories that you carry with you for
the rest of your life.

So go brew a pot of coffee (or tea), and dive into this sea of information!
Please comment and let me know how I’m doing, or suggest a topic you’d like me to cover.
And don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe and share!

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