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What’s Your Travel Style?

What’s Your Travel Style?

With as many different people as there are in the world, there are just as many travel styles. How you prefer to travel has a huge influence on the types of places you visit and what type of activities you should look into… It also influences who you might enjoy traveling with. I have traveled with people I love adventuring with, as well as with people I hope to never share an adventure with again. As close as you might be with someone in everyday life, they may not be your ideal travelmate if what you want out of a trip and what they want out of a trip is completely different.

Just for you, my fellow adventurers, I have broken down the 5 most common travel styles to help you see where you fit in.

The Luxury Traveler

If traveling in first class, staying in five-star resorts, and private tours are what you are looking for, you may consider yourself a Luxury Traveler. The Luxury Traveler is not afraid to spend a little extra to get exactly what they want, whether it be comfort, privacy, or special accommodations. They won’t sacrifice comfort for convenience.

Most Luxury Travelers like to be able to create and customize their perfect package in a way that is tailored to suit their individual wants and needs, and will spare no expense in doing so. The Luxury Traveler may save some time in their itinerary for un-scheduled exploration, but, for the most part, they like to have everything planned out and paid for well in advance. This includes things like meals, shows, excursions, spa time, and any other extracurricular activities.

For these types of travelers I always recommend looking into private travel, or all-inclusive, as either of those will be able to fill all of their needs. Private house rentals, 5-Star resorts, and Luxury cruises will be perfect for your home away from home during your adventures.

What about transportation? Drop-off and pick-up service to and from the airport are recommended. Many resorts are able to send a car to collect you and your things from the airport. I have even seen some rental houses offer this service, as well. If one is not offered to you, pick-up service can always be arranged.

If you are cruising or staying at an all-inclusive resort you may not need to rent a car at all. This will depend entirely on how much off-site exploring your plan to do. If you do plan on doing a lot of unscheduled sightseeing, or just want the freedom to be able to come and go as you please, a good option is to rent a car. I always suggest that since you’re on vacation, you go for the car of your dreams! (Hey, if you’re going to go big, go BIG!) Of course, depending on your destination, you may want to go with a more practical vehicle than a flashy one.

Typical trips of interest may include Islands in the Caribbean, Spa Retreats, Luxury Cruises, Mediterranean hot spots, and Safaris.

Trendy Traveler (The Tourist)

The Trendy Traveler, or the tourist, is a little more budget conscious than the luxury traveler, but still wants to indulge in some of the perks of being on vacation. First class is an aspiration, but not a necessity. A nice hotel with a pool and a continental breakfast will suit them just fine.

To the Trendy Traveler, what they see and what they do on their trip is more important to them than how they do it. They are interested in seeing all of the popular sights and getting great pictures of them, and with them. Afterall, you don’t go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Since missing out on the major attractions is not an option, this type of traveler usually plans their main tours and excursions in advance, as they know that the popular site tours will book quickly. If this is your one chance to see all of the sights, do it! But, be prepared for crowds! Remember, popular sites are popular for a reason! 

If this is you, aside from the planning out the major attractions, you probably don’t schedule too much. You will likely eat, play, and party wherever you happen to be at the time. You may want to treat yourself and indulge in a spontaneous show, or spa treatment if time allows, but would probably rather be out at a dance club or in a casino enjoying the night life.

For the Trendy Traveler, getting around may consist of a variety of transportation methods. Renting a car (or moped) is always an option, but you may also want to check into public transportation. If sightseeing is your main agenda, most cities have busses that stop at all the major attractions, making it quite easy for you to get around.

The Trendy Travel tends to like trips to bigger cities where there is a lot to see and do, such as New York City, Tokyo, or London. They also enjoy historic tours such as the pyramids of Egypt, Scottish castles, and National Parks.

Family Vacationer

Traveling with your loved ones, be it family or friends, is the most common type of traveler. If you’re most frequent trips have been to Disney, National Parks, or The Beach, it is likely because those are a great experiences for the whole family! And as someone who is graced with the task of planning out your next family vacation, that is important to you!

When looking at their next vacation options, the Family Vacationer has to keep the whole crew’s needs in mind. Is it more practical to fly, or to make it a car trip? Will there be enough activities to keep everyone entertained? Is hiking a better experience than standing in line all day to get on a ride? And, of course, the most important thing: how many restrooms will be in the vicinity?

For the most part, the Family Vacationer like have a general plan that can easily be switched up if need be. Sudden thunderstorm rolling in? No problem! They already know that there is an indoor aquarium right around the bend. It’s not practical for them to make meal reservations because they know that no one will ever all be hungry at once. Food venders and concessions will be easy access to please everyone… Ice cream may become your lunch!

As for where to stay? For Family Vacationers, practically is always at the front of your mind. You know the worth of being as close to the action as possible. Most of the time, with a modest budget, this means staying in a standard hotel within walking distance of their main attraction, and honestly, that’s all you’ll need. In fact, it is my recommendation that this is exactly what you do! Don’t waste extra money on things that your family won’t appreciate. I assure you that kids are more concerned whether or not there is an ice machine than if there is a chandelier in the lobby. Bonus for you if there is a continental breakfast and a pool! Convenience is everything!

Another great option for the Family Vacationer is renting a house or a cabin for the week. This will give you that home-away-from-home feeling, and also a bit more privacy- which, after a long day of being in public, is sometimes the perfect way to end the day! You may even consider trying to find one with a hot tub!

Due to the savvy planning of the Family Vacationer, if you are right at the heart of all the action, there may not be any need for transportation at all. However, if that is not the case, I would recommend a car. This is an easy task to pull off if you are making trip via car anyways. But, if you are flying and will need a way to get around, renting a car will be your best option.

Some great Family Vacation ideas are Disney Parks, Universal Parks, State & National Parks, Theme Parks… Pretty much, if it has the word “Park” in it, you can’t go wrong! Oh, and beaches!

Adventure Traveler

Climbing volcanoes, scuba diving a shipwreck, exploring rainforests, and snowboarding… these are just some of the things that the Adventure Traveler looks for in a good trip! The thrill of the adventure isn’t in the stay, but in the go. This type of traveler is far less interested in where they will be sleeping for the night, and far more concerned about what each new day will bring.

One of the best things about the Adventurer is that they tend to be very flexible with their planning. The Adventurer doesn’t typically plan everything out, but rather has an idea of what they’d like to do and then finds a way to do it. Although, some hobby Adventurers do plan entire trips around their favorite activities to ensure they are able to get the best spots and the most thrilling locations. But, for the most part, they are perfectly happy grabbing a bite where and when it’s convenient, and taking the rest of their trip as it comes.

This type of traveler usually doesn’t have a long list of preferences as to where they are going to stay, because they won’t be around much. A river, lake, or ocean is more appealing to them than a pool, and no 5-star restaurant can compare to a meal from a local eatery in town. Sightseeing and visiting the popular attractions can be a treat, but not a necessity. You tend to find the real beauty in the culture and the nature around you.

Air B&Bs are usually the best options for the Adventure Traveler, as they offer unique qualities that tend to be just the right fit. For one, the price. Air B&Bs offer anything from your own room, to your house for the length of your stay- often with all the amenities you will need.
As for transportation, a rental is ideal for toting gear and general adventuring, but as for which vehicle, that is up to you and your needs.

Some places that Adventurers may like are Hawaii for the waves, The Alps for the snowy hills, Costa Rica for the Rain Forests and Cloud Forests, Australia for the Scuba, and National Parks for general Hiking about.

The Nomad

The Nomad is a traveler whose joy in life is to keep moving and take in as much of the world as they can. Jumping from place to place, mingling with locals, and reveling in all the glorious sights of nature is truly their ideal trip… and the more they can do it the better!

The Nomad usually makes few or no set plans, but rather stumbles upon them. They are happy to take part in anything that comes their way because it’s all part of the adventure. These travelers get to see the world through many eyes, as they are more often submerged in the multiple local cultures they visit along their journey.

You won’t see Nomads toting around huge suitcases of luggage, or, well, much of anything, really. They like to keep it simple. Usually all they need is what they are able to fit in a backpack, or a duffle bag. Materialistic items are wasted on these travelers, as it is the experience that they hold most valuable. Meeting new people, making new friends, and creating new memories are they only souvenirs they need.

Most Nomadic Travelers keep to a very tight budget. You are more thrilled by an organic experience than a luxurious one. You would choose a cheap beer in a local pub over champagne in a top restaurant any day! Because of this, room sharing or even camping out are not uncommon.  Air B&Bs, Hostels, Campsites, or even a simple hammock is all the Nomad needs to feel right at home when your home is the world.

As for transportation? Ride sharing with new friends, a cheap moped, a bike, or not but your own 2 feet are all a Nomad Traveler really needs to get around.

Nomads tend to enjoy places that are more cut off from the hustle and bustle of the world. Mountains, Trails, and Small Villages from all over the world are where they feel most at peace.

So, What’s Your Style?

You may not fit perfectly into any singular category, but I bet you did see yourself and your personality stick out a little in one more than the others. For me, I am the Adventurer, on the cusp of a Nomad. This has always been my travel style, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

But now that you have an idea where you fit in and what your travel style is, it may be easier to plan your next trip! Or, at the very least, be more selective about the people you travel with, for some styles, if too drastically different, don’t work out together at all.

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments what your travel style is and your favorite place to visit!

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