Top 10 Travel Mistakes, Travel Tips

Over Planning

There is no greater feeling of freedom than being able to do what you want, how, when, and where you want! This is why Adventure Travel has always had such an appeal to me. It exemplifies the laid-back, natural style of travel that embraces living in the moment...

Top 10 Travel Mistakes, Travel Tips

Packing and Overpacking

Over packing is usually the product of either over-planning, or under-planning. If we start too far in advance, we will always think of more things we ‘need.’ Inversely, if we wait until the last minute, we tend to just start throwing everything see into a bag and hope for the best.

Travel Tips

Traveling During A Pandemic

...Start a Bucket List of all the things you'd like to see and do once the world opens back up! If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's to not put off the things that we really want to do in life, because you don't know when you might get another chance to experience them.